Wind turbine assembly starts

A demonstration 7 MW Digital Displacement® wind-turbine is now being erected at the Hunterston test-site on the Ayrshire coast. Inside the nacelle, the largest capacity hydrostatic transmission ever built will drive two separate 3.5 MW wound-rotor synchronous generators. These will connect directly to the national grid with no intermediate frequency converters.

The photos below show the hub and the nacelle being unloaded on the 17th of October after their long sea journey from Yokohama, via Hamburg.

Hub at Hunterston 2014-10-17 800WNacelle at Hunterston 2014-10-17 600W

In the view below, taken at dusk on 16th November, the lights of MIllport on Great Cumbrae twinkle in the background and the nacelle has reached its destination.Hunterston 2014-11-16 750w

You can read more about this exciting stage of the project in this article from the local Largs and Millport Weekly News. The early development of the Artemis Digital Displacement® wind-transmission is shown on our Wind Turbine Application page. The testing of the 7 MW nacelle in Yokohama is shown in this video. The second SeaAngel nacelle, which is now being built, is destined to be installed on a floating wind-turbine off Fukushima in Japan.