Test Facilities

Development Rigs

Individual component rigs up to 250kW system test and lifetime endurance rigs

  • Element test: Specialised rigs for core development of mechanism elements and solenoid valves
  • Component development: Highly-instrumented rigs collect data on efficiency and performance of complete machines
  • Machine lifetime test: 24 hour/day durability testing in fully-automated test cells
  • Hardware-in-the-loop system development: Machines and control algorithms are tested at full scale in realistic dynamic conditions

Large Scale Test Rigs

In the course of developing new technology for multi-MW wind scale systems, Artemis has build up a range of test rigs covering all stages of pump and motor development as well as overall system testing.

500 kW Rig


Variable speed rigs for high speed hydraulic motor development.  Up to 1000 l/min capacity at 350 bar.

1.5 MW Rig


3500l/min capacity transmission test circuit with 350 bar continuous rating.  Up to 1MNm at 20rpm with variable speed drive on the input side for large displacement pumps and 2x 800kW variable speed 4 quadrant drives on the output.

4 MW Rig


Variable speed up to 1500 rpm, 60kNm drive motor with HBM 60kNm torque transducer.  Hydraulic circuit capable of 8000l/min at 350 bar with full flow metering and measurement to allow development of very large displacement hydraulic motors.