Industrial hydraulic pumps E-dyn 96

Digital Displacement® pumps offer multiple benefits in a number of different sectors, from offshore wind to off-road vehicles

Reduced consumption, improved control

animationDisplacement® technology has applications in a number of sectors, including off-road vehicles, offshore wind, buses and trains, and in each setting offers compelling benefits including reduced consumption and improved control.

Our technology made its first market appearance as the E-dyn 96, an open circuit pressure compensating pump for industrial applications.

Far more efficient than a swash plate pump and with high efficiency across the output range, the E-dyn 96 offers a reduction in pressurised idle energy consumption of 90 percent, and total energy consumption reductions of 25 percent, without using a variable speed or servo drive system.

The annual savings in continuous industrial use start at around €5000 per year in reduced energy bills. The E-dyn 96 is suitable for pump swap or new build.

Artemis is now working working with leading OEMs and a major Tier 1 manufacturer to bring digital hydraulics to the construction, material handling and agricultural machinery markets. Visit our Sectors pages to find out how our technology could apply to you.

Special projects

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