Efficient Industrial HPU

Compact Hydraulic Power Unit for industrial applications

Small footprint, high power hydraulic power supply with remote control functionality.  Lower energy consumption than conventional pressure compensating pump units without the compromises of a VFD or servo based system.

Hydraulic Power Output

Flow range:                               0 – 170l/min
Pressure range:                        0 – 280 bar (350 bar max)
Power limiting:                          (to suit motor choice)
Flow limiting:                             (to suit user application)

Control Options (local or remote)

Pressure set-point:                  50 – 280 bar
Flow limit:                                 0 – Qmax
Power limit:                              0 – Pmax

Motor start (star delta)
Pump enable/disable control
Error diagnostics


Pressure relief safety valve
High pressure filter (5 micron, full flow)
Analogue pressure gauge
Brazed plate heat exchanger (air blast optional)
Oil reservoir level gauge
Tank low warning
Bund overflow / leak detection warning






Optional Features

Condition monitoring
Master / slave pump operation
Run to fail over-ride