‘One day without us’ – what would our team look like without immigrants?

Artemis is proud to have 16 team members from all over the world who have chosen to come to the UK to contribute their skills, creativity, passion, energy to our mission to revolutionise the energy efficiency of heavy machinery.

In support of One Day Without Us, we have published this photo to show what our team would look like without them:

The Artemis team - without our valued immigrants

The Artemis team – without our valued immigrants

Here’s all the things we couldn’t have done without them:

* Found the company
* Manage our supply chain
* Develop our embedded software
* Manage our budget and resources
* Plan, build and manage our test rigs
* Invent the core technology of our machines
* Develop concepts to break into a new markets
* Design our pump product for the off-highway market
* Demonstrate 40% reduction of fuel consumption of a forklift truck
* Design, build and test our latest valve breakthrough for energy recovery systems
* Invent, develop and support the control system of the world’s largest floating wind turbine

Whatever happens, let’s continue to welcome the best and the brightest from around the world to boost our economy while developing low-carbon technology.