In-House Capabilities

For over 20 years, Artemis has been building a range of capabilities specifically required for Digital Displacement® technology.


Artemis uses a combination of off-the-shelf and in-house CAE tools to analyse all aspects of our technology, from the detailed sub-component level up to complete power transmission systems comprising of multiple machines. Our capabilities include:

  • Structural FEA
  • Coupled multibody, elasto-hydrodynamic and structural analysis for studying the lubrication of oil bearings
  • CFD analysis of internal flows in machine bodies, manifolds and valves
  • Electromagnetics FEA and transient simulation for our ultra-fast solenoid valves
  • Time-domain simulation of dynamic systems, including coupling of the mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and control domains
  • Parametric design optimisation
  • Model-based design of control systems