Hydraulic hybrid technology for vehicles

The JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition, (JSAE: Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan), has been running annually since 1992 as a technology exposition for engineers and researchers working on the front line of the automotive industry. This is a show by engineers for engineers, with a very strong emphasis on reducing weight, saving energy and slashing carbon emissions.

This year, from 21st to 23rd May, Artemis showed off its new 96cc Digital Displacement® (DD) pump on MHI’s (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) stand at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. Electric hybrid systems are very much the norm at the show and this helped Artemis to draw attention to the comparative advantages of its high-efficiency DD hydraulic alternatives.

The photograph below shows Mr Takayuki Matsumoto beside the Artemis display. Matsumoto-san is in charge of MHI’s development of Digital Displacement®  technology in applications areas that include automotive.

JSAE 2014 Matsumoto-san 600h