Excavator development program

Artemis has started the process of installing Digital Displacement® pumps in a 16T excavator to demonstrate to major OEMs the fuel economy and productivity benefits of the technology in the off-highway market.  With funding from Scottish Enterprise, the project will see the existing pump swapped with a tandem Digital Displacement pump.

Today’s excavators have reached a mature level of technology using variable-stroke hydraulic pumps. They are rugged, dependable machines which operate in tough conditions.  However, at the heart of all modern excavators lies a number of problems: the mechanical pumps have substantial energy losses, the valve systems waste fluid energy by throttling flow to control multiple axes and energy which could be recovered is instead converted into heat.  Artemis aims to tackle all of these fundamental issues with its Digital Displacement® technology.

Key to the hydraulic excavator’s success are the fine control and ability to convert the maximum power from the engine into multiple linear motions.  Before and after comparisons based on standard trenching and loading cycles are to be evaluated to provide data on energy savings and controllability.


Artemis Digital Displacement Excavator

Digital Displacement technology offers a pathway towards the hydraulic hybrid excavator of the future by allowing OEMs simple steps on the pathway from simple pump swap to full energy recovery system.