Digital Displacement Hybrid Excavator – Update

Artemis has carried out the first functional tests of its Digital Displacement hydraulic excavator.  By removing the original tandem axial piston pump and replacing it with a tandem version of the E-dyn 96 Digital Displacement® pump, fuel consumption is expected to be reduced by around 16%.   Due to the reduced idle losses of the Digital Displacement machines, a larger total pump capacity can be installed without penalty on fuel economy.  The increase in pump capacity will give Artemis the ability to improve productivity when the engine is not power limited.

This is only the first step on a pathway to the digital hydraulic hybrid system of the future.  By taking full advantage of the unique features that Digital Displacement offers at the system level, dramatic improvements in performance and fuel consumption are expected.  The long term development goal are to reduce the fuel consumption by 50% and produce a smarter, more productive machine.