Hunterston 7MW MHI Wind Turbine

Hunterston 7MW MHI Wind Turbine


  • The company moves ahead with plans to commercialise Digital Displacement technology in the off-highway, industrial and automotive sectors


  • Danfoss Power Solutions takes a majority stake in Artemis Intelligent Power


  • E-dyn 96 passes acceptance tests for off-highway applications


  • First tests of a Digital Displacement® pump in a full-size excavator


  • Awarded the prestigious MacRobert Award for the invention and development of Digital Displacement hydraulic machines


  • Erection of the 7MW Mitsubishi Sea Angel demonstration wind turbine in Hunterston, Scotland
  • Mule city bus with parallel hybrid system installed demonstrates potential for 25% saving and 2-3 year payback without subsidy
  • First commercial sale of Digital Displacement® industrial pump


  • Expansion of the lab area with construction of new 1000 square meter lab facility with 30T overhead crane


  • First operation of 1.5MW scale wind turbine transmission in the Artemis lab


  • Artemis became a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and worked with them to develop the worlds largest hydrostatic transmission for their 7MW off-shore wind turbine.


  • Artemis moves from its old University offices into a new facility in Loanhead
  • Hydraulic series hybrid BMW demonstrated showing 30% saving in fuel over the NEDC test at Millbrook


  • Artemis develops in premises within the University of Edinburgh, following a “technology licensing” business model.
  • Backed by major industrial partners in the Off-road and On-road vehicle markets, Artemis scales the technology from a simple 1.5kW power-pack demonstrator to a 200kW complete hybrid vehicle transmission.


  • Artemis Intelligent Power was formed to develop the next generation of hydraulic machines using Digital Displacement® Technology.