Artemis Hybrid Bus on Show

Artemis is just back from showing a new kind of hybrid vehicle at the Cenex-LCV2014 low carbon vehicle event at the Millbrook Proving Ground in the Midlands.

We’re proud to have been working since December 2012 with leading UK bus-builder Alexander Dennis and top-notch bus-operator Lothian Buses on this project which has been supported by Innovate UK (until recently known as the Technology Strategy Board or TSB). This kind of collaborative project gives us a fantastic opportunity to get close to world leading companies and to move our technology closer to market in new application areas.

Innovate UK invited us to show our bus alongside other stunning vehicles in the new Heavy Duty Vehicle Arena at this year’s Cenex-LCV show.

Artemis hydraulic hybrid at LCV 2014 Panorama 700w

Spot the retrofitted hydraulic hybrid bus!

Hybrid vehicles capture kinetic energy and then return it to the driveline during subsequent acceleration or driving. Most hybrids are electric and use batteries for energy storage – but high efficiency Artemis Digital Displacement®  technology now makes it worthwhile to use hydraulics instead of electrics. We store our braking energy in gas accumulators made by Hydac. Weight for weight, the energy capacity of gas accumulators is not as high as that of electric batteries but they allow faster charge and discharge – ideal for high-torque systems that are designed to recover braking energy.

Our bus system isn’t just a parallel hybrid. It’s a retrofittable parallel hybrid – which packages easily into the Euro III target vehicle and should save up to 14% of fuel over typical urban bus cycles. We’re also working on a version for Euro VI vehicles. Meantime we were glad to have a few days showing our bus to a stream of interested engineers whilst enjoying the glorious autumn sun at Millbrook. We’ll be heading back there soon to do some serious efficiency testing on those beautiful deserted roads.

If you’d like to know more about this project you can download a PDF with further information from our publications library.

We will also be showing the bus to the public between 12 noon and 4pm on Saturday 27th September at Lothian Buses as part of their contribution to Edinburgh’s Doors Open Days. If you’ll be in the area, please come along and say hello.