City Bus Hybrid

Using Artemis’ innovative Digital Displacement® hydraulic technology, the parallel hybrid system employs a highly efficient hydraulic pump/motor to capture braking energy and store it in a hydraulic accumulator.  The system is compact, with the pump/motor fitted alongside the engine and the accumulator fitted underneath the floor of the vehicle.  Based on the Millbrook London Transport Bus (MLTB) test cycle, the system offers fuel savings of up to 27%, providing bus operators with a 2-3 year payback without subsidies

UP to 27% fuel saving

The Digital Displacement® hydraulic pump/motor can provide 500 Nm of torque to the crankshaft that can be used to decelerate or accelerate the vehicle.  Savings of up to 27%, dependent the drive cycle, are possible.

2 – 3 year payback

Based on real world city bus duty cycles, the low cost hydraulic hybrid has a payback to the operator of 2-3 years without relying on any government subsidy.