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Digital Displacement® hydraulics - an enabling technology for hybrid vehicles

Digital Displacement® technology connects the high reliability and power density of hydraulics with the efficiency required for an effective hybrid system:

  • High efficiency
  • Fast control response
  • High power density
  • Simple materials used for construction - basically steel
  • Robust, long-life components

Hybrid Transmission

Series Hybrid

Artemis demonstrated its first full Digital Displacement® Hybrid Transmission in a BMW 530i, in May 2008.   Independent tests confirmed the car gave double the fuel economy in city driving compared to the same car with a six speed manual transmission.  Overall, including highway driving, the vehicle had 30% lower carbon dioxide emissions using the hydraulic series transmission.

You can see a video of the Artemis series-hybrid BMW by following this link.

Features of the Artemis series-hybrid

  • Infinitely variable transmission ratio
  • Full wheel torque is possible with the engine at tick-over
  • Regenerative braking with accumulator storage
  • Engine off operation
  • Flexible packaging arrangement

Four-wheel independent traction control is also possible


Parallel Hybrid

Artemis has developed a simple and low cost parallel hybrid solution for city buses. See the products page for more information