Off highway

Digital Displacement® hydraulics applied to mobile applications adds new functionality and higher efficiency for reduced operating cost and improved productivity.  Based on the reduction in losses inherent in Digital Displacement, simply replacing the existing load-sensing open circuit pumps with Digital Displacement® pumps can show energy savings of between 10 and 30% depending on the duty cycles and candidate vehicle.

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Key features

Unprecedented efficiency, especially at part load
In systems designed to take advantage of the unique properties of the technology the savings can be much greater.  Studies on replacing conventional proportional valves and load-sensing axial pumps with direct Digital Displacement® control of loads show energy savings of up to 50%.  A side effect of the increased net efficiency is that the cooling requirements are greatly reduced, leading to cost savings in cooling system.

Multiple independent services
Banks of DDP®s can be stacked on a common shaft, and split into independently controllable services. This allows a single pump to supply propel, auxillaries, and dedicated work function services, all running at different flows and pressures, commanded by CAN bus.

Direct control of rams and motors without proportional valves
DDP®s can change from idle to full flow and vice-versa in under 30ms. This high bandwidth means that the load can be controlled directly from the pump and in the future, proportional valves could be eliminated, further reducing losses.

Precise, linear flow control with no hysteresis
DDP®s allow open loop position control of hydraulic actuators without the need for feedback sensors. They can add robotic motion control to mobile hydraulics without a complicated and expensive feedback system.

Mechanically simple, manufacturable design
Modular, scalable construction reduces parts inventory and allows mass customisation. Digital Displacement® puts the control functions into the software, not the hardware. Features such as programmable S-curve motions, pressure control loops, anti-stall and power limiting can all be incorporated in software.


The Future

Artemis is now forming partnerships with major off-highway OEMs to bring Digital Displacement to market.  Please contact us for more information.