Industrial Hydraulics

The E-dyn 96 is Artemis' first commercial product offering.  A 96cc/rev open circuit pump complete with Artemis digital control provides stable pressure compensation and fast response to load demand with pressurised idle loss 90% less than conventional variable displacement pumps.

Reduced running cost
Reduction in operating cost of 5000 Euro per year are simple to achieve with up to 10,000 Euro possible in optimised installations.

Simple off-load starting
Electric motor starting becomes simple with DDP, no offloading valves are required and DDP will only start pumping when motor running speed is achieved.

Reduced cost of cooling
If you're not heating the oil with excessive idle losses, you also don't need to pay to get rid of that heat.

Ability to run with smaller system volumes
Less heating means your main reservoir can be smaller saving footprint area and reducing installation cost.

Aditional benefits
In addition to being the controller for the pump, the Artemis controller can take care of basic system monitoring for filter clogging, tank level low indicators etc.
In some applications,


In the development pipeline

  • The ability to motor energy back from pressurised sources,
  • Multiple independant outputs from a single pump, each with their own flow and pressure control
  • Direct control of rams or motors from the output of the machine without external valves.