Industrial Hydraulics

Manufacturing Industry
Digital Displacement® technology can be used to reduce energy costs and improve the control and computer integration of processes such as injection moulding. Multiple service systems, where a common fixed pressure hydraulic supply is throttled down to suit individual component requirements, can benefit from the use of multiple service Digital Displacement® pumps.

Civil Engineering and Building Industry
Many large civil and mechanical structures need to be lifted or loaded evenly along their length during erection or testing. Historically, hydraulically complex arrangements have been needed to accomplish this.

Artemis Digital Displacement® pumping technology, with its open-loop control, permits small self-contained power packs and rams to be distributed around a structure, with minimal hose runs. The power packs can control rams of different sizes and with different loads to support and jack the structure evenly to position. The control is purely in software and the jacks can follow any programmed motion profile coordinated through an industrial CANBUS network.


This Artemis 15kW hydraulic power-pack allows exact control of jacks. Constant flow or constant pressure can be set directly without the use of pressure relief valves, and the power-pack can be co-ordinated within a multi-jack system via the CANBUS port.