Case Study: Injection Moulding

90% reduction in pump losses

Digital Displacement pumps show a reduction in idle losses of 90% compared to axial piston variable displacement pumps when operating with fixed speed induction motors.  Without resorting to an expensive and complex variable speed drive, the energy consumption and control benefits are similar without having to make compromises in the selection of the drive system.

$5000 / year saving

In a 5000 hour trial using a 96cc/rev Digital Displacement pump driving a fast cycle injection moulding process, the annual saving made by just swapping the existing axial piston pump for the Digital Displacement pump was $5000 / year.


With similar energy savings and control advantages as servo or variable frequency motor drive system, Digital Displacement pumps offer a more cost effective and flexible route to energy savings for end users.


For injection moulding machine customers, Digital Displacement technology offers greater flexibility in defining clamping and injection duty cycles in an ever evolving and highly technical market place.

Industries with high motion ratio applications such as presses or injection moulding where there is a need for long travel fast movements followed by a clamping period at high load show excellent potential for energy saving using Digital Displacement Pumps.


Feeding directly in to modern industrial ideals of machine communication, Digital Displacement pumps are capable of being used to the monitor status of not just the pump but also certain aspects of the system or process using the Digital Displacement Controller.