Case Study: Industrial HPU

The benefits of Digital Displacement

Reduced running cost

Using a radial piston mechanism with digital control of individual cylinders to produce only the flow required to meet the pressure demand, the Digital Displacement pump can produce significant savings for the user year on year.

Reduced cost of cooling

Excessive idle losses in conventional axial piston pumps leads to a high level of heat rejection which must be dealt with by the cooling system.  Reduced oil heating allows the main reservoir to be made smaller, reducing footprint area and saving on maintenance costs when an oil change is due.   Excessive heating of oil can lead to rapid condition breakdown and require regular and expensive replacement of the hydraulic fluid.

Additional benefits

In addition to being the controller for the pump, the Artemis controller can take care of basic system monitoring for example; filter clogging, tank level low indicators etc.  No offloading valve is required for motor startup, the pump only produces flow on demand and the start of pressure compensating starts once motor speed has stabilised at the correct operating speed.

With a standard SAE C mounting interface, E-dyn 96 is a simple swap for existing variable displacement hydraulic pumps and brings immediate energy savings to open circuit applications such as hydraulic power units.

Digital Displacement Hydraulic Power Unit in service

Swash plate pump 200 bar pressurised idle

Swash plate pump 200 bar pressurised idle

DDP 200 bar pressurised idle

DDP 200 bar pressurised idle

Working with the hydraulic power unit manufacturer, Artemis supplied two E-dyn 96 Digital Displacement pumps for installation on 45kW electric motors.  With the low losses of the Artemis radial piston design, the HPU demonstrates similar energy savings to a servo-drive based solution but at a reduced cost and with no limit on duty cycle or time spent at peak power.  The customer is already reaping the benefits of reduced energy consumption and reduced heat rejection.

The two E-dyn96 hydraulic  pumps were accompanied by Digital Displacement Controllers as well as a complete customer specified control enclosure with electric motor control interface.  Basic pressure control of both pumps is digitally controlled through a single rotary control knob with digital readout of actual and target pressure.  Basic status monitoring of the pumps is provided to the user through the control interface.


Product partners

Artemis is looking for new application partners.  Contact us for more information and to find out how DD technology can reduce energy consumption in your industry.