Digital Displacement® Technology makes its first market appearance in an open circuit pressure compensating pump for industrial applications. Far more efficient than a swash plate pump and with high efficiency across the output range, a reduction in pressurised idle energy consumption of 90% without using a variable speed or servo drive system is possible.  The annual savings in continuous industrial use start at around 5000 euros per year in reduced energy bills. The E-dyn 96 is suitable for pump swap or new build.  Fit it in place of your existing 45 – 100 cc/rev pump and see the benefits of more fluid power for less kWh.



Series and parallel hydraulic systems for braking energy recovery and reuse


Digital Displacement® pumps save energy and improve cycle times in industrial applications

Wind Turbine

High efficiency, variable ratio hydrostat transmission for Multi-MW wind turbines

Off Highway

Move it, dig it, dump it, Digital Displacement® does it better